Services Overview

From reservations, ticketing and boarding to baggage handling, tracing and load control, Sky Handling Partner is in the business of creating best-in-class travel experiences for our partner airlines’ passengers in 19 countries across the globe.

Customer driven and committed to reaching the highest possible standards of care and satisfaction we are also committed to delivering efficiencies in aircraft turnaround services to the airlines that carry them.

And, of course, ensuring that Sky Handling Partner represents a long term safe, reliable and successful company for our employees and stakeholders alike, as demonstrated by our ISO and ISAGO certifications. Our Services include:

  • Station/Load control
  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp Operations

Station/Load Control

Sky Handling Partner provide a range of specialist skills to ensure enhanced safety and experience for our airline partners including:

  • AFP Monitoring
  • Flight Operations Assistance
  • Irregularity Operations Support
  • Liaising with Airport/other authorities
  • Load Control
  • Station Control
  • Station Representation and Supervision
  • Flight Messaging and Reporting
  • Weather Briefing

Passenger Services

Sky Handling Partner enhance the experience of over 31 million passengers by providing a broad range of passenger services including:

  • Airport Ticketing Sales Desk
  • Arrival and Transfer Services
  • Check-in Services
  • Dedicated Passenger Services
  • Gate Services
  • Lost and Found, Baggage Tracing Services
  • SSK Hosting
  • Special Passenger and VIP Services

Ramp Operations

Sky Handling Partner offer an award-winning level of airport ramp services ensuring safe and efficient aircraft turnarounds. These include:

  • Aircraft Loading/Unloading
  • Baggage Sorting and Transport
  • Cargo/Mail Transport
  • Crew Transport
  • GPU, Push-Back
  • Aircraft Towing
  • Unit Load Device Control
  • Toilet and Water Services
  • Coach Transport
  • Ballast Provision

Groupe CRIT | Global Ground Handling Division